Tips for Buying


Because everything we sell is made to order and we do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item was damaged it is very important to pay close attention to the sizing charts for clothing.  In addition it would be a great idea to have on hand an apparel measuring tape. This way you can obtain your measurements to compare to the sizing charts. It will always come in handy to have one when you order clothing online.

Here is a link on how to take your measurements


P.O. Box delivery

Although we can send items to a PO Box each post office handles this differently. Some will hold your package and others will possibly keep at a main location that is not at your PO Box location. You will likely get a note in your PO Box that instructs you on how to pick up and which location to go to


It is always a good practice to double check the items in your cart and the quantity. It is also important to make sure the address is correct.